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Smallest vacuum packaging machine for professional packaging

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29 August, 2021 15:26:44

How to choose a suitable vacuum packaging machine

As a new customer who first get touch with vacuum packaging machine, it is a common point that how to choose a suitable model.
Generally speaking, we have to take below points into consideration.
1.Types of Vacuum Sealers
Single chamber for tabletop or floor type and double chamber, usually 260T or 300T could meet home use.
2.Types of chamber structure
There exist two kinds of chamber structure, stretching and welding, which stretching shares more reliable and lasting longer, highly recommended.
3.Usage scenarios and frequency
Customized sealing bar number or pump matching could be optioned for your special use.
4.Storage and Space
Sometimes we may ignore the size of the sealer, we must think of factors such as the space to accommodate the products and the mobility corridors for the operator.
For further detailed selection suggestion, feel free to contact us.